The first Lincoln Club was founded in 1962 by a group of Republican businesspersons.  Since that time, Lincoln Clubs have grown into a statewide network of Republican business and civic leaders committed to electing superior candidates to public office.  Lincoln Clubs actively support men and women who are dedicated to promoting the vision of true Republican principles such as protecting individual and property rights and the unfettered exercise of a free market economy.

The Lincoln Club of the Sierras makes the following endorsement for the 2018 local election:

Placer County Measure E –

“To bring older buildings to code/standards for continued use, improve workforce job training
facilities to affordably prepare, train/retrain students/veterans for quality jobs, repair,
construct, acquire classrooms, facilities, equipment, shall the measure for Sierra Joint
Community College District to issue $350,000,000 in bonds at legal rates and levy on average
1.7 cents/$100 assessed value ($18,000,000 annually) while bonds are outstanding be adopted,
with taxpayer oversight/audits, no money for administrator salaries/pensions, all funds used